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If you turn on your sink water and it comes out brown, you know you are in trouble. It may be time for you to consider copper repiping in your home or your commercial building. Brown water is often a sign that your pipes have deteriorated to a point where they need replacement. Copper repipe specialists can help make sure that your water flows out of your faucets crystal clear as it is intended to. At Brea Plumbing we know that it is important to consider costs when considering plumbing jobs as large as copper repiping. However, it is important to consider the additional costs that can occur if you decide against repiping. These costs include increased plumbing repair bills, costs from plumbing leaks and even a drop in the resale value of your residential or commercial property.

While not all plumbing leaks or rust colored water mean that you need to consider copper repiping, sometimes this is the best answer. At Brea Plumbing we can help diagnose your problem and offer the most cost effective solution to your plumbing problem. Call us today if you are dealing with rust-colored or brown water and let us see if we can find the source of your problem.

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