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If you are in need of water heater installation and repair in Santa Ana, Brea/OC Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning provides full service of your water heater. If the leaking occurs or your water heater isn’t heating water correctly, call our company.

Our certified and experienced technicians are pros in water heater installation and repair services. We offer installation, repair or replacement services for all types of water heaters: gas water heaters, electric water heaters, tankless water heaters; as well as commercial and residential water heater service.

Sediment build-up is the most common condition that damages water heaters, especially as they wear out. While water is heating, limescale and other minerals accumulate in the process. The sides of the tank and the burner are usually affected. If the sediment is not removed out of the water heater by means of water filtration, it creates a barrier that will remain on the burner and seriously interfere with your water heater’s operation. Do you want to keep your water heater safe? Call our water heater specialists in Santa Ana area for water heater inspection or water filtration and we will take care of your problem asap.

Water heaters often account for about 25% of your total home’s energy use. Over time this number increases, and the units become even more expensive to operate. Sometimes it is worth considering water heater replacement.

Do not wait until the final point when your hot water heater fails or becomes inefficient. Have it inspected and replace/upgrade it as soon as any problems arise. At Brea/OC Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning many options are available that will keep your home safe as well as save you money on water heater service.

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