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Commercial Waters HeatersAt Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning we service commercial water heaters for apartments, restaurants, hotels, management companies, HOA and others.

We are also pros at commercial hot water heater installations, maintenance and repairs, being trusted by famous industries manufactures.

Our company deals with both residential and commercial water heaters, having been in plumbing and HVAC business for over 50 years. We have experienced what it takes to launch a business, turning it into a respectable and trustworthy plumbing company that is known all around Orange County area.
The proper commercial water heater or hot water boiler is worth the investment if it allows commercial facilities reduce operational costs and energy consumption. What should a business owner consider when having decided to repair or upgrade their water heating system in order to gain maximum benefit out of it? Check out the points below.

  1. Water Heater Type – business owners should consider the type of energy-efficient water heater that is appropriate for their business facility.
  • Commercial gas water heaters presently utilize a condensing technology, when more heat is obtained from gas combustion. Natural gas or propane can be used in storage, tankless and indirect commercial water heaters.
  • Instead of heating with electricity, electric heat pump water heaters draw heat from the air and use it to heat water.
  • Recirculating water heater systems pump cold water back to the hot water tank and not down the drain, preventing the waste of cold water. In this case only hot water is delivered to the end use. The recirculation pumps are to operate during business hours or as required.
  • Point of use (POS) water heaters heat cold water in the very location of the water use, instead of transferring it from a storage tank and making it lose heat during moving.
  1. Installation costs – installation costs for gas storage, tankless, electric or heat pump water heaters should match the operational costs of each type of the heater.
  2. Peak demand – replacing your current commercial water heater with its energy-efficient counterpart can lower peak demand. Demand response programs can assist businesses to further increase energy savings.
  3. Integration – businesses can mix and match commercial water heaters and hot water boilers to achieve the most operational costs savings and energy efficiency. For instance, a commercial facility can exploit a storage water heater for large uses in a kitchen but apply a POS electric water heater for an isolated bathroom sink.

At present it is possible for large businesses to reduce their water usage and save on energy costs with the proper information and assistant in installing/repairing of their commercial water heaters. Contact Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning to find out how you can attain the most savings and energy efficiency with your water heater project.

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