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Several residential and commercial properties in California have the ever-popular galvanized piping. Over time, this can result in yellow water, rust colored water and cause your water to not taste as good as it should. Left unattended, this can also damage sinks, toilets and bathtubs because of the high mineral content. At Brea Plumbing, we also recognize that this corrosion can also lead to long-term health issues due to the higher iron content in the water. That is why our specialists recommend copper repiping.

If you own a home or business in Brea, Pico Rivera, Long Beach, Paramount, Commerce, South Gate, Lakewood or Bellflower or other areas of California that still have galvanized pipes, call Brea Plumbing and let us work with you to repipe your facility with copper piping. Not only will this allow you to enjoy clean, clear water, but over time, it will also help protect your sinks and toilets. Enjoy clean, clear drinking water once again without spending hundreds of dollars a year on bottled wate Brea Plumbing has expert copper repiping technicians ready to help. We will offer a technician who is well versed in all the most modern techniques of copper piping and help you get the work done expertly at a price you can afford. All of this work is backed by our guarantee of high quality workmanship and service.

Call Brea Plumbing today if you are considering copper repiping in your residential or commercial building. We offer copper repiping services all over California including Brea, Fullerton, Placentia, Vila Park, Yorba Linda, Diamond Bar, Roland Heights, La Habra, Anaheim, Orange Park, Santa Ana, and other Orange County areas.

Why Choose Copper Repiping

If you live in an old house, most likely your water pipes are built from iron, steel, or lead. Up-to-date water pipes are built from copper in their majority, however plastic or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are also becoming widespread. Think about replacing old iron or lead pipes at your home with contemporary copper pipes, taking into consideration the following 8 advantages of copper repiping.

  1. Copper is a natural material that has been confirmed to be relatively harmless to your health. Lead is extremely toxic and corrosive and can leak into the drinking water system.
  2. Copper doesn’t absorb other substances that it comes in contact with, in this way not allowing contaminants pollute the water supply.
  3. Copper water pipes hardly suffer from corrosion.
  4. Copper is much softer than iron or lead, so it is easier to work with. Also installation costs of copper pipes are lower, because copper is easily joined by soldering.
  5. Copper is a ductile metal, it can easily be shaped into pipes, eliminating joints. This contributes to the integrity of the whole piping system.
  6. Durability of copper pipes is unsurpassed, lasting for 40-50 years. They are good at managing heat and resisting corrosion and high water-pressure.
  7. Copper pipes impact the environment to the minimum because copper is one of recyclable materials. Copper can be recycled without losing its quality.
  8. Copper is a low-maintenance option for water pipes because it doesn’t need to be painted to protect it from corrosion, and it looks fine anyway.

These points make it is easy to see why copper is the most common material used in contemporary plumbing. If you are in need of copper repiping of your home or business facility, contact Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning and we will gladly undertake the project.

When You Know You Need Copper Repiping

If you have galvanized pipes at your home, it means that most likely they have been installed a long time ago. If you notice low or no water pressure in your plumbing system, water temperature drops rapidly from hot to cold or becomes of rusted color, it is the right time to think about remodeling or replacing your pipes.

One of the major signs that your plumbing system needs repiping is its age. If your home was built over 20 years ago, there is a great need of repiping it, because corrosion of the pipes has probably occurred over the years. If you try to put up with corroded or leaky pipes, this could produce costly repairs for you in the future. Galvanized metal pipes are prone to quick deterioration as well as developing pinhole leaks that provide perfect conditions for mold to grow in your walls or under your slab. Copper material is more reliable, durable, fire-resistant and bacteriostatic in this case. At Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning our plumbers replace all pipe fittings, stop valves and supply lines. A whole house repipe is a must in case if your pipes are old or not properly installed, if you have low water pressure or leaks in the entire plumbing system, if the water color is dull or current pipelines are damaged. A qualified professional from Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning will inspect your plumbing system and let you know whether you need a complete repiping or not.

Copper Repipe Professionals

Copper Repipe Professionals

Copper repiping is the process of changing the old pipes, which have rusted or deteriorated over time. Especially this concerns homes that were built more than 25 years ago. In their majority they were piped with conventional iron and galvanized pipes.

Rust slowly but surely builds up within the pipes, obstructing the water flow and causing accumulation of ugly and smelly dirt or slime throughout the plumbing system. As a result you get running water that is rusty, stinky, and low pressure. Cleaning up doesn’t help, so copper repiping becomes a wise choice to start over.

A leak within existing pipes, low water pressure and rusty color of water in the pipes are other valid reasons for considering copper repiping your home. Repiping will save you money in the long run, preventing a pipe burst, a flooded basement or worse.

Who can help?

There are many plumbing companies that do the copper repiping job. Hire a reliable one like Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning. Since copper repiping is a rigorous and tough job, let our technicians handle it. We will pay you a visit, examine the current pipe pattern and evaluate the future costs of the project. Copper repiping might seem like an expensive alternative at first, but the benefits of it will compensate for the expenses involved. Even if you don’t think that it is the time for copper repiping yet, you should at least add it to your plumbing maintenance plans. Contact our copper repipe professionals from Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning and we will answer all your questions concerning copper repiping.

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