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Tustin HVAC & A/CBrea/Orange County Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning offers a wide range of plumbing and HVAC services in the city of Tustin.

We have been fixing the plumbing and HVAC problems of Tustin’s citizens for over 50 years. We offer a wide range of services, including bathroom and kitchen fixtures & faucets replacement, to our customers and have built a great reputation for being one of the top plumbers in southern California. No matter what you need, give us a call today and we can be to your home of office within the hour.

Benefits Of Professionals

If you want some changes to be done before you move in a new house or make sure that all of the plumbing at your new house is in perfect condition, contact a professional plumber to help you. There is no point in trying to manage a job yourself, a job that requires a touch of a professional plumber. If you are not qualified to complete the job, you will likely end up causing more problems rather than fixing them.

An experienced and reputable plumber will guarantee you:
1. High quality of work done on the project.
2. Professional tools required for fixing the plumbing problem.
3. Specific experience and good reputation.
4. Compliance with the set deadlines.
5. Fast and licensed service.

Brea Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is a company that will provide you with a professional and skillful plumber to fix any of your plumbing problems.

New Construction Plumbing

New construction project might be residential or commercial, and it is necessary to choose the right subcontractor for the project. Excellent workmanship, commitment to integrity, and applying the best quality materials that fit the capacity, local building code, and budget of the project are all characteristics of Brea Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Company.

Choose Tustin Plumbing for commercial or residential new construction sites to install your water and sewer lines. Trusting with installation of the water and sewer lines to our trustworthy, licensed plumbers will save you money and exceed your expectations, because we do it right the first time.

Call us today for your next new construction plumbing job!

Six signs of hidden bathroom plumbing leaks

You might not notice plumbing leaks at first, but that does not prevent you from damage being done by them. Knowing some basic warning signs will save your time and money.

If left untreated, a bathroom leak can cost you a lot of money in case it results in serious water damage to walls, floors and paint/wallpaper. The signs of a bathroom plumbing leak might not be noticeable. The followings hints will help you determine how serious your plumbing problem is and whether you will need a professional plumber.

• Mold
No matter how often you clean your bathroom, mold will spring up if there is a hidden water leak.

• Damaged paint or wallpaper
A bubbling paint or wallpaper on your wall is another sign of a water leak. Usually steam from hot shower wouldn’t cause paint or wallpaper to come loose.

• Damaged walls
A wall that is damaged or stained for no reason is a clear sign that you have a water leak in your bathroom.

• Damaged floor
A bathroom floor hardly suffers water damage unless there is a hidden leak. The water could be coming from a pipe below the floor, or it could have gotten there from another place.

• Stains on ceilings
Any brown or dark stain on the ceiling is another sign of insidious water leak. A sagging ceiling is a sign that water from a leak is reaching the area.

• Smell
Old, accumulated water from a leaky pipe has a bad smell. Because the water is hidden, it never has a chance to dry.

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