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Renovating current pipes in a home or business property is called copper re-piping. Most homeowners decide to have their homes re-piped with copper or PEX pipes due to several reasons. There might be significant lowering of water pressure – either pressure in the shower or irrigation system. Also there is rusty yellowish water, corrosion or bursting of the pipes, that contaminate water at your home.

That’s why if one day you turn on your sink water and it runs colored brown, you know you are in trouble. It may be worth considering copper repiping in your home or your commercial building. Brown water is often a sign that your pipes have deteriorated to a point where they need complete replacement. Copper repipe specialists will ensure that water flowing out of your faucets is crystal clear as it is intended to be.

Copper re-piping is very beneficial. Your water will become clean and fresh again with no rust particles or other contaminants that might be inside of your old corroded pipes. Pressure in the pipes will also be restored.

If you are looking for copper re-piping in Santa Ana area, we are the right plumbers for you! Our highly trained professionals at Brea/Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning are the best in the industry. We train our plumbers in the most advanced techniques and only use the highest quality materials. We stand by our words delivering top-notch quality copper re-pipes.

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