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Pinhole Leaks Repair

Plumbing leaks are pretty common for homeowners  who have got older iron or steel pipes. Most pipes installed in the last two-three decades are copper pipes, which are pretty resistant to corrosion and rusting. For this reason many people neglected regular preventative pipe maintenance, thinking that copper pipes are totally insusceptible to corrosion. Such a misconception brought forth a huge amount of hidden pipe leaks that could be avoided in case if the homeowners took proper measures at the proper time. Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning offers pipe installation and maintenance services in Orange County to prevent pipe leaks at your home or business facility.

Even copper pipes can corrode and develop leaks. The pinhole leak is the most widespread kind of a leak, affecting copper pipes. Pinhole leaks cause problems with copper pipes being a rather unexplained and dangerous condition. They are triggered by the “pitting corrosion,” in which the pipe essentially corrodes from the outside inward. This corrosion develops further until a small leak appears in the pipe the size of about a pinhole.

Several reasons are to blame for pinhole leaks problem. First of all, pinhole leaks are hardly ever detected until they have already caused a significant damage to your property. They often hide in the pipes installed in home walls and ceilings, enclosed in insulation. Since they are tiny, they don’t significantly affect water pressure. Pinhole leaks slowly but surely “eat” out the insulation and supports, one water drop at a time. The homeowner is often oblivious to such leaks until the walls or ceiling start to show signs of water damage. The fact that most homeowners believe that their copper pipes are impenetrable poses even a more serious threat to their pipes, and pinhole leaks are provided more grounds to bring forth disaster. At Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning our plumbing experts are able to accurately diagnose the pinhole leak and offer appropriate plumbing solutions for this problem.

The most reliable way to detect and pinpoint pinhole leaks before they cause further pipe damage is to have your home’s plumbing system inspected every six months by a professional plumber. If you haven’t done that for quite some time, contact Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment. We provide quality copper pipe repair and maintenance services throughout the entire area of Orange County.

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