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10 Benefits of an Advanced Water Filtration System


Water filtration systemsWater is life. About 70 % of human body consists of water. A human being can survive without food for quite some time but cannot live without water even three days.  However, sometimes water that is not purified can be rather harmful. That’s why present day homeowners in the United States have come to like water filtration systems in recent years. And there are certain reasons for that – pure and high quality water produces a healthier lifestyle. Water filtration services are preferred by a lot of consumers and businesses today. Read on to find out why water filtration systems are worth to install and what benefits they present.

  1. You will get clean water from every faucet at your home every time you turn it on with the help of an advanced water filtration system. The filtration system removes all kinds of chemicals (chlorine, fluoride, arsenic and lead) from the tap water as well as has a balanced PH.
  2. The water filtration system cleans hard water as well. Hard water is characterized by an excessive amount of contaminants in it, causing you different problems at home such as spots on your dishes, dry skin, deposit collecting in your pipes and more. With the advanced water filtration system clean water is always available for drinking or even cleaning the home if necessary and you can forget about hard water problems.
  3. The risks of some diseases and even bladder and colorectal cancer are reduced when one regularly drinks filtered water.
  4. Helps to avoid asthma and allergies. Chlorine, microorganisms and chemicals won’t be released into the outside air during showers or hand dishwashing if you get water filtration system installed.
  5. Some homeowners prefer to refill a water filter pitcher every time, but this is very inconvenient. When your tap water is automatically filtered, this makes your life much easier.
  6. Unfiltered water with a high content of chlorine and other chemicals irritates the skin and even makes it inflamed in some cases. Minerals in such water can clog skin pores, causing pimples and acne. When the water is filtered, the chemicals and bacteria are removed from it and this leads to healthier skin.
  7. Filtered water cleans clothing and washes dishes better. In such water mineral amounts are reduced, and the water doesn’t react to detergents that much. Filtered water leads to cleaner, softer and brighter clothing and makes dishes sparkly and squeaky clean.
  8. Scale deposits can also collect inside of the water heaters, dishwashers and washers from the water that wasn’t purified. On the other hand, filtered water eliminates the chemicals and minerals that cause the deposit build up which helps home appliances work at their optimum efficiency.
  9. Clean water tastes and smells better. Coffee, tea, soup and other foods will taste fresher and better if you use filtered water to prepare them. It you are taste sensitive, you will see the difference right away.
  10. Overall water filtration system installation is cheaper. Buying bottled water to use for drinking and household chores would be very expensive. A household water filtration system is a more affordable way to have a constant supply of clean water.

The installation of an advanced water filtration system can be the best choice that you make for the health of your family members. Call experienced and skilled plumbers from Brea/Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning to find a great filtration system solution for your specific needs.



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