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Air Conditioning & HVAC Inspection Checklist


After long and exhausting winter days people are longing for summer laziness and fun. And even though summer brings backyard BBQs, night walks and bicycle rides, the heat is usually summer’s fellow traveller. Your air conditioning unit was meant to fight this unbearable heat, that’s why it would be wise to check your AC & HVAC system to ensure that all its parts are in great working condition before the summer hits. So spare yourself stress and hassle and check your air conditioner ASAP.

Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning recommends checking your AC and HVAC system every year and offers inspection services, helping your unit operate more efficiently and allowing you to relax while we do the job.

The checklist below will come in handy when it comes to testing your AC:

  1. Turn the power off to the AC unit. Refrigerant levels should be balanced. If you do not know how to do it yourself, call a professional.
  2. Air filters should be cleaned or replaced, because dusty and unclean air filters trigger AC breakdowns, requiring AC repairs later. When the unit is stuffed with dirt, it operates harder, affecting indoor air quality and blowing bacteria back into your house.
  3. Check the condensate lines (drainage) line for blockage.
  4. The condensate reservoir should be cleaned assuring that the float is free of mold.
  5. Dry and vacuum your dehumidifier filter. Humidity level at your home should be kept between 30%-50%.
  6. Clean all supply and return vents at your home.
  7. Clean, level and calibrate thermostat.
  8. Condenser and evaporator coils should be cleaned as well. Dirty coils decrease energy efficiency, making the compressor run longer.
  9. Check wiring and connections. Faulty connections influence voltage and flow of current and can harm the unit.
  10. Clean leaves, dirt and debris around the compressor, since all this stuff affects the air flow. Always remember to place the compressor in the shade when installing your AC unit.
  11. Check and clean drains and tubing. Clogged drains do not allow moisture leave the system. Excess water in the system increases indoor humidity.
  12. Oil all moving elements of AC. Slow-moving fans and motors cause AC unit work harder.
  13. Check and clean a blower and grilles to provide a free air flow. Remember that obstructed airflow can lower efficiency by up to 15 %.

All the mentioned points can seem overwhelming at the first sight. But do not get upset, you wouldn’t have to do it yourself! Rely on Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning to service and maintain your AC and HVAC system in Orange County.

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