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When you are considering remodeling your kitchen or your bathroom, chances are that you have very specific items in mind. Chances are that you have a plan in mind that would represent your ideal kitchen or bath.  When you contact a remodeling specialist, you want to make sure that they understand exactly how you want your kitchen or bath too look when the job is complete. Some of the specialized services that may interest you include:

  • Custom built cabinets – let’s face it, cabinet space should work for everyone in your family. Whether you are interested in lazy Susan’s, pantry style cabinets or you simply want a plain cabinet with a number of shelves for storage, you know exactly what you want. Your contractor should discuss with you the various materials and colors that are available and help you find the custom cabinets that best meet your needs.
  • Flooring is important – whether you are interested in a linoleum floor or special tiles, your contractor can help you find the right floor coverings.  Making sure that you get the right mix of customization and quality workmanship is crucial. Remodeling is expensive and the workmanship is crucial to ensure that you do not have to replace your floor in a few years.
  • Lighting matters – the right lighting can make a considerable difference in your kitchen and bath. Finding the right type of lighting will enhance your kitchen or bathroom remodeling.
  • Counter tops – your counter tops are an important part of your kitchen and your bathroom. When you have hired a remodeling specialist to help you design the right kitchen or bath, your counters will be an important part of the remodeling work. Kitchens require more counter space for meal preparation as well as to hold spice racks and other assorted items needed in the kitchen.  Customized counters can give your bath a richer looking decor with reasonable costs.
  • Fixtures set the tone – whether you are looking for a practical fixture or a customized fixture your bathroom and kitchen remodeling specialist can help you find the perfect fixtures for your kitchen and bath. Fixtures can be very plain or very fancy depending on the look you are interested in.

Fortunately, California homeowners can depend on the service of OC Plumbing for the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We take the time to work with you to find out exactly what you want and to make sure that we meet all of your expectations.


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