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Drain Problems:


If you think you need a plumber to fix a clogged drain, here are few things look into.

A. Common Problems:

The most common malfunctions in home drain systems are in the sink, tub, or shower drains, or are plugged toilets.

B. Verify Location:

Are you sure the problem is where it seems to be? Slow running drains all over your home may indicate a problem outside the home. You may want to get an Orange County plumber to check your hookup to the local sewer system or your septic system.

C. Think Of Everything:

In order to insure free flow, home drain systems have vents. Check to be sure those are open, or have it checked by a pro.

D. Steps In Dealing With a Drain:

a. Check the strainer or other drain cover. Remove any solid material you find.

b. Next try the plunger, cautiously. Take it easy at first, to keep from making a big mess.

E. Check Out the Trap:

There should be a section of sharply bent pipe under your sink. It is bent into a crook to provide a barrier to sewer gases that might otherwise find their way back into your home. You may be able to remove the trap and clear any problem you find there.

F. Move On To the Snake:

You might try a snake or drain auger. Insert the snake into the drain and turn the handle to twist the auger. You might also have one of the type that turns by an electric drill. This action can be taken at any point you can access the drain, including outside access points.

G. If It’s the Toilet:

a. You can start with the plunger and hope for the best. The toilet plunger has an extended collar, which is how you tell it from a sink plunger.Take it easy at first, then get more vigorous with your plunging, as with the sink plunger.

b. If there is no relief with the plunger, it’s time to try the snake. Most plugs are in the toilet drain itself, and can be cleared with the auger.

One of these steps may well cure your problem. If not, it’s probably time to call on a professional to clear that clogged drain.

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