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Even In New Homes, Plumbing Problems Exist:


Plumbing problems may exist in your brand-new home. Even in new plumbing installations, mistakes can be made. Poor planning and the use of low grade materials may appear as plumbing failures latter on. Your new walls and fine floors may be hiding some serious flaws, which can surface at the most inappropriate of times, like say a dinner party or a weekend with guests.

After moving into a new home it is a good idea to keep a close eye on the plumbing system for at least a month or two. Systems may fail after some water flows through the pipes. Leaks may take time to develop and show themselves. Movements of the pipes from normal use may cause failure at stress points. Poorly constructed systems may perform adequately for some time before they let you down. Even after the break-in period, it is still good to be vigilant about leaks and plumbing failures. Water damage can be expensive. For greatest confidence and safety, it is best to consult a local qualified plumber to conduct an inspection of your new home. This plumbing expert can also help you with any additions and improvements you have in mind.

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