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Garbage Disposal Let You Down?


What do you do when the garbage disposal won’t dispose of the garbage? Try these steps to get going again.

  1. Reset: Look for the reset button on the bottom of the garbage disposal unit. Press it and try again.
  2. Free the Jam:

    To free a jammed disposal, turn the disposal manually, using a hex wrench in the hex socket usually located on the bottom of the unit.

  3. Check the Connection:

    Check to insure that the switch is on, the breaker isn’t tripped, and a fuse isn’t blown. You may want to test by trying a small appliance in the socket where your disposal is normally plugged, to be sure the power is flowing properly.

  4. Find the Leak:

    A leak should be traced to its source. If it is in the plumbing, repair or call in a professional. If the leak is in the garbage disposal, that may indicate a problem that is best corrected by replacement of the unit.

  5. Broken Blades:

    Your disposal may run, yet not grind up the garbage. In that case, you may well have broken blades. Most likely replacement is the best choice in that case.

These easy steps may have solved your problem. If not, better think about calling the contractor in to get your garbage disposal issue under control.

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