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Our home heating systems usually function well for years. But if your system does not seem to be working, take these steps to get it back going again.

Examine the safety power shutoff system. Your system may have fuses or breaker switches. Change a blown fuse or flip the breaker switch to restore power. But be cautious if the safety systems trip or blow again. That may indicate a circuit overload that will need to be evaluated by a qualified contractor.

Often there is a separate switch for the heating system. If may look just like a regular wall switch. Sometimes, though, these are red with a red wall plate. Make sure it is in the on position.

Look for a reset button on your system. That may restart your system and get the heat going again. If it does not work after a reasonable time, though, it may be time to call the contractor.

Verify that the fuel supply is there. Make sure valves or switches are on and functioning. Check the outside meter, if you have one, to be sure it hasn’t been locked or cut off.

You can reset the thermostat a few degree higher than normal and wait a reasonable time for the heat to come on. Make sure the setting is in the on position, of course. If that works, turn the heat back down to the normal setting.

One of these steps may well be for you. If your heating system does not start working normally after these steps, it is probably time to call a professional heating contractor.

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