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Heating Systems Maintenance


A lot of home and business owners waste a significant amount of money every year due to high utility bills caused by the inefficient operation of their heating equipment. This is not surprising since one of the chief causes of premature replacements or costly repairs in residential or commercial HVAC systems is complete lack of maintenance.

Every furnace requires yearly maintenance and inspection before chilly autumn nights set in, so that the system would not age rapidly, pump carbon monoxide into your home, or simply cease functioning.

Usually people wait for the system to break down to call for professional service, do not be one of them. A clean, well-maintained heating system will save you money on fuel and prolong furnace life span.

Heating is as important as tending to your car. From time to time you would check oil and brakes on your car to make sure it is in great working condition. In the same way your boiler also requires consistent maintenance to make sure it is operating safely, reliably and efficiently. There are also a few maintenance jobs you can do on your own to keep your heating system in good shape:

  • Check filters every month.
  • Watch out for gas odors around the heating appliance.
  • Inspect exhaust vent for rust or damage.
  • Cut shrubs and plants near condensing unit to provide adequate air flow.
  • Have system maintenance service performed one month before the start of the heating season.

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your home or business heating equipment will keep it running smoothly, saving you both money and resources over time.

Preventative maintenance is important for a number of reasons:

  1. Indoor temperatures are consistent.
  2. The efficiency of the heating system is increased (the energy is not wasted).
  3. As a result of increased efficiency the money is saved.
  4. Manufacturer warranties and guarantees are kept.
  5. Longevity of equipment is preserved.
  6. Safety and security in your home or business become a priority.

Prevention is always better than cure, so do not postpone and contact our company Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning and we will inspect your system regularly, coming up with the most adequate solutions and maintenance plans for your specific situation.

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