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How to deal with a toilet clog:


What is a person to do when you pull the handle, and the toilet contents come back up at you, instead of going decently down and away? Panic is often the first reaction, but won’t help. If you can get the top of the toilet tank off quickly and close the flap, you may prevent the overflow. That’s an excellent move. Good plumbing, careful installation, and proper maintenance are great, and might have¬† prevented the emergency from happening. But, when the dreaded rise instead of flush occurs, there’s no friend like a good old flange plunger. That’s the plunger with the bell or other shape, and an extended flange. The flat-ended type is good for a sink clog, but not ideal for use in the toilet.

In your own bathroom you can practice regular and proper maintenance to keep the toilet working properly. You will want to keep the underside of the rim clean as that’s where the water runs in to flush the toilet. You can be careful what gets put in the toilet. Too much paper is bad. Paper towels should not be flushed. But when the toilet clogs and the terrible tide starts to rise, it’s time to open the tank top, stop the flow, grab the handy flange type plunger, and get to work.

If you cannot get it to let go, it’s time to call the plumber. They will be able to help. You might want to talk about adding a bathroom, or updating the one you have, while you have your qualified professional plumber handy for consultation. Your plumber has the answers you need, and they’ll be happy to help.

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