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Nuances of Plumbing Services for Your Restaurant in Orange County


Expert plumbing services are a must for your restaurant!

Plumbing in your restaurantWhen you are a restaurant owner, you strive to please your customers by preparing delicacies and regales. But it is also important to ensure that the plumbing in your restaurant meets the needs of your clients and the regulations of your county and state. If your customers smell a terrible stench coming from your drains or sewage pipes instead of tasty aroma, you could lose them and your restaurant could be closed by governing authorities. That’s why it is best to hire a professional plumber who can offer excellent drain cleaning services and maintenance plans to sustain your kitchen and restroom plumbing in perfect working condition. Plumbing issues at your restaurant need to be addressed quickly and efficiently, so that they do not become worse and result in more expensive repairs. At Brea/OC Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning we offer expert plumbing services to help your restaurant flourish!

Read on to discover some nuances of plumbing that need to be taken into consideration when running a restaurant business.

  1. Restaurants consume a lot of water

Restaurants are constantly consuming water no matter if it’s restrooms that are being constantly used or kitchens with endless piles of dishes that must be washed. There are many issues that can arise in plumbing, such as broken pipes, water leaks, over-flowing toilets and clogged drains. When this happens at home, it might be just an unpleasant nuisance but it can become a disaster for a public facility. Things that can paralyze a restaurant operation include:

  • A clogged and flooding toilet or worse – a couple of toilets. First of all, this is a hygiene problem and such a kind that will suddenly shut your business down. Do not neglect this condition and call us plumbing emergency service to fix your toilets immediately.
  • Disruption in your water supply. A restaurant without water is paralyzed and cannot function. It is practically impossible to wash dishes, cook or clean anything without running water. This issue should be taken care of ASAP.
  • Water leaking into electrical systems – a safety problem that can put the lives of all of your workers and your clients at risk. A leak that takes water into the electrical system of a commercial facility can become a cause of fire dangerously fast.
  1. Maintaining clean restrooms brings back the customersWC in your restaurant

It is not just the design that matters in your restaurant WC but also well-maintained plumbing that will pleasantly surprise your customers and encourage them to come back with their family and friends. They will definitely use your restroom sooner or later and if they find it clean and tidy with well-drained pipes, they will recommend your place to other people. On the other hand, badly sustained and stinky restrooms with piping problems could keep your customers far away from your restaurant. At Brea/OC Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning our plumbers offer top-notch plumbing repair services and regular inspections in order to handle those minor faults, water leaks and all sewage-related problems early.

  1. Good plumbing will guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements

Periodic visits to your restaurant will be paid by sanitary inspectors from your county’s local authorities. They will evaluate your compliance with plumbing and sanitary regulations of your area. If your restaurant does not meet the requirements of the laws administering drainage and sewage, it could be closed. Prevent this from happening by hiring a competent plumbing company to supervise installation, repair and maintenance of all your plumbing equipment, toilets, drains and pipes.

  1. Fats, oils and grease (FOG) traps should be located in the right places FOG in your plumbing system

Your restaurant’s main goal is feeding your customers tasty food. This means piles of dirty, greasy    dishes that are brought to the kitchen to be rinsed, washed and reused later. Pretty simple, isn’t it? There should be a grease trap installed in your plumbing system, meant to catch FOG before it hits the municipal sewer system. But this process transforms into a time-delay bomb if the grease trap isn’t working or installed in the wrong place of your restaurant. However, the grease traps should be placed in the right places.

  • Do not locate the grease trap too far from the drain because fats will get into the drained water.
  • Do not place it too close to the dishwasher because hot water will melt FOG and send a fatty liquid into the sewer system, creating the potential for build-up in your restaurant pipes.
  • Make sure you place the grease trap in the reachable location so that it can be properly cleaned at any time.
  • Do not install the grease traps under larger appliances, they will be almost impossible to clean. If left untouched, they will eventually clog and overflow resulting in a flood and damage to your restaurant.
  1. Commercial water heaters

Commercial water heaters are “indispensable allies” when it comes to successful restaurant business. They provide hot water not only for intense cooking and dish washing duties, but also for keeping your restaurant cleaned and maintained every day. The plumber’s job is to help you properly size the heater for your specific facility and install it in the right place to perform its functions. Regular maintenance also provides uninterrupted operation of your commercial water heater.

So, as a restaurateur you do not have to worry about the plumbing that is not working. Regular visits of the plumbers from Brea/OC Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning put your mind at ease and help your restaurant run smoothly. Contact us for more information!

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