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Ordinary garbage disposal care:


A garbage disposal that works properly is a wonderful thing; but when it malfunctions, it can cause a terrible problem. A sink full of dirty dishes and no place to get rid of the scrapings is a problem you just don’t need. You want to hear a gentle, reassuring hum from your disposal, not a grinding noise followed by a “clunk” and a backup of stinky drain water. To avoid this problem, have a good garbage disposal, properly installed, and be sure to maintain it well.

Some things that can be done to keep a garbage disposal working well are:

One – Be careful.

You can’t put just anything down the drain. Watch out for fibrous, tough things. Celery stalks, artichoke leaves, corn husks and the like, these things need to go in the garbage, and not down the disposal drain.

Two – Watch the fat.

Please be careful about the amount of grease you load the drain with. The fat can combine with excess fiber to form a terrible clog

Three – Keep it clean.

Ordinary cleaning is accomplished by using the disposal properly, but you can also give it a little help with a couple of home remedies. Baking soda, followed by a little how water can do good things. A little bleach can help, but be sure you have adequate ventilation if you use it. You can grind some citrus peel through the unit. That always smells great.

In addition to the home cleaning and proper usage of the garbage disposal, you may wish to call a  plumbing professional in once a year or so to make sure that everything is working properly. If things go bad and you wind up with a plumbing disaster, your plumber can help. A qualified plumbing  contractor will be able to sort out any garbage disposal problem that you face. Your local plumbing professional will respond to your emergency, or help you plan an installation that will avoid problems in the future.

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