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Perhaps the only thing worse than needing a plumber is not knowing what questions you should ask before you hire them.  Most of us seldom have a plumber who we have done a great deal of business with and because of that when we need to have plumbing work done, we are searching for the right person to do the job.  So, who is the right plumber for your job?

  1. The right plumber will have a proper license and all necessary insurance.  This person will ultimately be working in your home and having a proper license and insurance can help protect you from any possible problems that occur as a result of the plumbing work that is done.
  2. The right plumber will have had a broad range of experience and in addition, they will have the experience working with the specific plumbing repairs that you need.  There are plenty of good plumbers around California, but you want a plumber who has had a wealth of experience.
  3. The right plumber will offer you an estimate as soon as they review your job. Professional plumbers understand that you want to know before they start working approximately, what the costs are going to be for your plumbing job. They will not hesitate to offer you a full written estimate of parts and labor necessary for your plumbing job.
  4. The right plumber will have readily available for you a list of their clients who have had similar work performed so that you can contact them for references. Plumbers understand that you need to have a level of comfort with them to get the job done.  Plumbers are happy to share information about their other jobs.
  5. The right plumber will gladly share their fee schedule explaining what their normal charges are for parts and labor and explain to you how the fee schedule works. They will also be happy to explain to you how they wrote up your estimate based on that fee schedule.

Everyone understands that if you want to get professional work done you are going to pay professional prices, but in this difficult economy, hiring a professional plumber who is willing to share all of the information that you need to make a good decision is priceless.

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