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Solar Water Heater:


The idea of solar water heating is not very new. Camp showers have been around for a long time, using a bag of water that is heated by the sun and then drained for a quick warm water rinse. Nearly forty years ago I was a commercial fisherman off the coast of Florida. We would tie gallon jugs of water up on the hard cover to be heated by the sun. Being miles and miles from anyone else, on a bright afternoon you could stand up there and pour solar heated water over yourself. It seemed a great luxury at the time. Now of course we have some pretty advanced solar water heating systems. We can deliver solar heated water to our conventional plumbing, a great improvement over standing in the great  outdoors and pouring warm water over yourself.

If you are considering solar water heating for your home, or if you are just interested in a modern high-efficiency water heater, you would do well to call your local plumbing company. You will find that modern water heaters are a great way to save the environment and save money on bills as well. A modern water heating system, whether solar or conventional, can be quickly and safely installed by your local plumbing professionals.

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