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The dreaded Toilet Clog:


Of all the plumbing emergencies a homeowner can face, one of the most dreadful is a clogged toilet. Fortunately for you, if you are the person in charge of these emergencies in your household, the clog can usually be cured with only a tool or two plus a little knowledge.

You probably already have and know how to use a plumber’s helper, the common plunger. You may even have and know how to use a plumber’s auger or drain snake. After the plunger, the snake comes into play. To use the snake, push the auger in and twist it. The idea is to break up the clog, allowing it to flush away. If that fails, you may be able to withdraw it by hooking the springy end of the auger into the offending substance. Most of the time the clog is not too far down to reach with the snake.

If you can get the situation under control by your own efforts, good for you. If not, be glad you have your plumber’s number handy. Give them a call. They will be ready to resolve your plumbing difficulty.

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