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You make think that leak is just a little leak, yet it may be only the visible part of a hidden larger plumbing repair problem. Here are some situations that may seem trivial, yet often require the services of a professional.

A. Leak, or lake?

A small leak may really be a symptom of a larger plumbing problem. You could have a system ready to fail, or your leak could be only the visible part of more extensive damage. When you run into a plumbing problem like that, a qualified pro can be worth what they charge and more.

B. Where, and how?

Once you decide that you want to call in a professional, make a list of the problems you see. A plan will help ensure that you present the same information to each contractor, in case you decide to get several opinions. You can check the phone book. But you can also find a lot of information quickly from the plumbing company websites. You should find references, and information as to availability hours and range of service area.

C. What can they do?

A professional plumber can figure out if your problem is just a small one or really a larger problem. What looks like a slow draining sink caused by a clog may really be caused by an improperly plumbed appliance. Attempting to clear the clog won’t fix that. A good plumber will find out, and will be able to fix it.

So if the day ever comes when you find yourself in a plumbing crisis, call a good plumbing contractor. A licensed professional plumbing contractor will have the knowledge, the personnel, and the proper tools to deal with your plumbing problem. There’s nothing wrong with a handy-person tackling small plumbing projects. But sometimes, it’s just be to call a licensed professional plumber to get the job done.

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