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Types of faucets


Aging in place can be a welcome alternative to having to make a move after retirement. At the same time, many areas of a home may need slight modifications to make continued use of the home acceptable. Fortunately the majority of these changes are not drastic and can be done on a budget.

Two-handle faucets allow the user to adjust water temperatures more accurately. Two-handled faucets can have standard knobs or levers. Levers can be easier to operate if hand dexterity becomes an issue. Round knobs or handles designed with an X shape are not as user friendly for older hands.

Single handle faucets do not provide as much control over water temperatures and can lead to burns. Push-pull levers on single handle faucets can also be awkward to operate. No matter what type of faucets you use, make sure your water heater is adjusted to a safe temperature. As homeowners age, their skin can become more sensitive to hot water and burn more easily. Before purchasing a new fixture, try to test it first to determine how well it will meet your individual needs.

Touch on faucets can provide an easy to use alternative but could present a problem in homes with small pets. Wall mounted faucets can offer convenience for homeowners in saving space in smaller sink areas. The height of the faucet can also be changed to meet the user’s needs. Users may find that a higher faucet will allow more room for washing without interference from the fixture.

Product designers are also beginning to realize that while consumers want fixtures to make their home accessible, they do not want their home to look like a hospital. European designs are becoming popular as a way to add style to the needed ease of use.
Finally remember that if you have outdoor faucets for lawn and garden watering they should be checked for ease of operation also. Call a competent local contractor to assist you with your modifications to make aging in place an enjoyable experience.

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