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Dual-flush toiletsDesigned over 30 years ago in Australia, dual flush technology is proven to decrease water usage by up to 67%. To picture that in mind, imagine such a decrease as enough water to fill three hot tubs each day in comparison with the amount of water used by a 1.6-gallon standard toilet. Truly, the water savings are so significant that several nations, including Singapore and Australia with its scant water supply, have approved laws that regulate the installations of the dual-flush toilets as obligatory.

Dual-flush toilets have proven to be a great means for saving water and money for the average family, since they offer the option to use only the water you need from two different flushes. The principle of two flushes is simple – push 1 for #1 and push 2 for #2. The first flush uses less water because it doesn’t take as much water to send #1 packing down the toilet drain as it does to get rid of #2. The second flush is meant to take down solids without blocking the drainage, using the same 1.6 gallons of water per flush (gpf) as typical toilets. A toilet with both a low and high volume flushes allows to cut your toilet water use by over 50%, not only saving you a bunch of money during the period of your toilet’s service, but also benefiting environment as well.

Growing Popularity
Dual flush toilets are just becoming popular in the United States and the rest of North America. This technology is relatively new to American consumers and these state-of-the-art bathroom fixtures haven’t been spreading in the US until recently. Although, the state of our environment along with the multiple occurrences of drought that have troubled many areas of the United States made the wise homeowners consider these pioneering toilets for their households and save money and natural resources at the same time.

Contemporary Looks
Contemporary looks of dual flush toilets produce high demand among consumers. They were designed in a diversity of styles, including various styles of flushing mechanisms. When choosing the type of the dual flush toilet, choose the type with two buttons, one for each flush, instead of the push/pull models, mostly because they reduce accidental “misflushes”, or pushing the high volume flush when it is not needed, especially when you go sleepy to the bathroom at night.

Adequate Plumbing
The plumbing required to maintain a dual flush system is more complicated than your standard toilet installation and should be adequate. DIY won’t work in this case. Make sure you contact a professional if your toilet is experiencing problems or you want to install a new unit. At Orange County Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning we will gladly answer your questions about the type of toilet suitable for your home and make sure that your new toilet unit operates properly without causing any problems for years to come.

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