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A kitchen and bathroom remodeling project can add value to your home. Remodeling can make your home a more pleasant place to live, as well. With some solid research, some careful planning, and the help of a qualified professional, you’ll live better and enhance the value of your home.

You can consult the sources you trust most for an estimate of the return value on your remodeling investment. But you find most of them agree that you can hardly go wrong with upgrades to the kitchen and bathroom. You can get back more than you spend, with good planning and quality work.

Kitchen upgrades sell homes. They also please homeowners and the families that live there. Some improvements that show, like cabinets and counter tops, along with some that aren’t quite so obvious, like a new garbage disposal and a reverse osmosis water treatment system, can really enhance the
value and usability of your kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen is such a good idea for a home in a great grilling climate area. Run some plumbing and put in a sink for prep and cleanup. Add a bar with its own sink while you’re at it. You’ll enjoy it over and over, and then, when the buyer see it, you’ll enjoy it even more.

Bathroom upgrades are family and crowd pleasers. Adding a separate shower is a popular¬† improvement. And a luxury tub will be a hit with at least one out of every couple, you can bet. A tankless water heater is a good idea on so many levels. And don’t forget the new counter top with the double sink, if you have room for that. You could have those stylish bowl type sinks, if you like. A buyer will not miss the value of that feature.

When your long-considered and carefully planned dream becomes a reality, you’ll be glad you went for it. For value and enjoyment, kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are a great idea.

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