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Want to Prevent Frozen Pipes?


Frozen pipes are definitely no fun. Do you want to know how to prevent that from happening?

protect your water pipesWhile the winter is right on our doorstep, it would be the right timing to think about taking care of your water pipes. Since the outside temperatures will drop rapidly, they will cause the pipes to freeze in some areas. However, it would be more appropriate to say that the water inside the pipes will freeze. And if you ever studied laws of physics at school, you should know that the water increases in volume and expands under freezing conditions. The water turns into ice, which blocks the pipe and causes pressure to mount between the frozen pipe section and the closed tap further downstream. The freezing itself is not as dangerous as this pressure, which causes the pipes to burst sooner or later, turning your home into a hectic place. In order to avoid such a trouble, take some simple preventative measures and protect your water pipes from freezing.

Think about insulation in advance

Protect the pipes from freezing

Protect the pipes from freezing and windy conditions with the help of insulation before cold temperatures hit. Insulate those areas where pipes pass through, such as crawl spaces, by applying foam board and filling in with fiberglass.  However, do not attempt any DIY projects unless you are sure you can do it, call a professional plumber instead. At Orange Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning our plumbers can insulate your water pipes and apply temporary seals to your foundation vents and air inlets.

Take care of outdoor water systems

Outdoor water systemsDisconnect a garden hose from your outdoor faucet as well as water supply to your swimming pool and the rest of the outdoor pipes before winter arrives. Then turn on the faucets to drain water and do not forget to turn them off after the draining process. Cover any outside spigots and winterize your sprinkler system.

Allow warmth to reach the water pipes:

  • Exclude cold drafts in water pipes proximity
  • Close doors and windows to the outside and do not allow drafts from crawl spaces
  • Seal cracks in walls and around windows
  • Place a lighted bulb near water pipes (Never use open flames such as a blowtorch, kerosene or propane heater)
  • Open cabinet doors below the sink to let warm air reach the water pipes.

Make frequent use of your water:

  • Running water often breaks up ice before freezing
  • It is less expensive to run your water regularly than to repair a frozen or burst pipe later.

In case if the water pipes did freeze at your home due to some unexpected circumstances, do not get upset and call the plumbers from Brea/Orange Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning ASAP. We will come to the rescue and defreeze your water pipes in no time!

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