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Water Filtration Systems


In order to have clean, fresh water anytime you wish, the water filtration system must be installed at your home. Not only do these systems provide unpolluted, tasty water as soon as you turn the faucet on, but they also filter out your tap water completely, keeping your family members safe from potential contaminants filling the water.

You would also get the same taste of water you are used to without having to spend a bunch of money each year on plastic bottles that are not biodegradable and help take care of the environment at the same time.

There are several kinds of water filtration systems:

1. Reverse osmosis. That is the process of removing contaminants by using osmosis in reverse, pulling water particles through a small filter to let in the water without letting the contaminants to pass through.

2. Carbon filters trap harmful chemicals and contaminants (including chlorine and giardia) within the structure of the carbon substrate through a process called adsorption. Carbon filters are best for improving the taste of water, because unlike reverse osmosis, they allow some particles to pass through which gives water a more mineral-like flavor while still trapping dangerous substances that you would not want to drink.

3. Ultraviolet radiation is actually not a filter. It blasts the water with UV rays, sanitizing against any germs within the water. Any microorganisms will be eliminated from the water, but it will still have to pass through a filter to destroy any chemicals that might exist within. UV radiation is the most effective way to purify water in areas where the sanitation practices are not common.

Setting up a filter at home is easy and convenient, if the job is done by a professional. A countertop or under counter filter with faucet filter can be set up in no time, and a water filtration system can be installed in an hour or two.

However, water filtration systems need proper care and maintenance to ensure their efficient and long-term operation service. The filters get clogged eventually but the more dangerous thing is the activated carbon that uses a process called “adsorption” to draw specific contaminants and reduce their concentrations in water. With the adsorption of more and more of these contaminants, carbon becomes saturated. And once it is saturated, it won’t function correctly. That is why it is important to change the water filters from time to time.

Some of the signs signifying that the water filtration system needs replacement are:

  • A bad odor in the water.
  • An unpleasant water taste.
  • A slight but steady decrease in water pressure.
  • Clear containers giving a visual indication that the filter is dirty.
  • The manufacturer’s water usage guidelines were ignored, resulting in the filter malfunction.

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