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What are outdoor misting systems?


Outdoor misting systems provide a way for you to cool your outdoor environment. Misting systems can be installed to cool your patio, deck or pool area. Misting systems are also used in greenhouses for both humidity and temperature control. While homeowners can create their own outdoor cooling systems, hiring a professional contractor will provide the best results.

Misting systems cool the air in a way that is similar to swamp coolers without the use of a blower. Water is sent through nozzles at a high pressure creating a fine mist. As the water moves through the air, it begins the evaporation process. The heat in the air is the energy that is used and as the energy is consumed in evaporation, the surrounding air cools.

Fans can be added to the systems to increase the cooling effect. Misting systems can be operated by standard switches or remote controls. They can also be connected to timers that will turn the system on and off at pre-selected intervals. Having a misting system installed provides homeowners with a low cost way to enjoy the outdoors and remain cool. The systems cool the air quickly and are environmentally friendly while increasing comfort with additional humidity in drier areas.

Misting systems do work best in areas with lower humidity levels. However, they are effective even in environments that are more humid. These types of outdoor cooling systems can frequently be found at restaurants with outdoor dining areas and large fairs or festivals. They are not expensive to install, maintain or operate which makes them an excellent choice for low cost cooling.

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