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Winter Fire Safety Checklist


Winter fire safety checklistWith the winter season quickly approaching, it’s crucial for the homeowner to be aware of fire hazards and take extra precautions. The reason why the risk of residential fires increases in winter is because our heating, lighting, cooking, and holiday activities rapidly grow. Households have higher usage rates for electrical appliances such as electrical blankets and heaters. During Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year people cook enormous amounts of food and delicacies thus putting extra strain on stoves and garbage disposals. That’s why electricians and HVAC specialists urge every citizen to be watchful for fire threats especially in the winter months where there is an increased risk of house fires and mortality.

We hope that subsequent winter fire safety checklist will help you and your family to be safe and sound during winter season. 

  1. Make it a rule to never leave your cooking unattended or set a timer to remind you of food cooking on your stove. It is pretty easy to go check your Facebook page and totally forget about what you were doing previously. Watch out for the items that are placed near the stove. Kitchen fires are some of the most wide-spread ones that can bring frightening human losses.
  2. Smoke alarms are a great tool in detecting fire in its earliest stage. Make sure that you have enough of them installed at your home or business at the usual vintage points – on every floor of your house, in a bedroom and living room. Test them once a month to see if they are working properly.
  3. At the height of the cold season, the heater is an indispensable device to keep you warm and comfortable. Use only the authorized heating devices that match your country’s standards. Clean them regularly, check their electrical cords and have a specialist replace them asap in case if they are cracked or damaged. Place your heater at least a meter away from anything that could potentially burn. Also turn the heater off when you leave your house.
  4. If you have a fireplace at your home, always keep the chimneys clean and ventilated. It would be a great idea to place a special screen in front of the fireplace to stop sparks and ashes from flying in the open fire. Make sure that the fire is completely put out before you go run errands or something.
  5. Before placing electrical blankets on bed, check them for damaged or worn out cords.
  6. Candles and gas lamps are considered to be open flames, that’s why they should never be placed near curtains, tablecloths and other fabrics or paper items that can accidentally catch the fire. Do not leave the candles lit up when you leave the room.
  7. Never hang wet clothes in a close range of fireplaces and heaters. Hang them at least one meter away. If you have clothes dryer, ensure that the lint filter is accurately cleaned each time after it is used.
  8. Never allow the children to play with anything that can cause fire and threaten your safety. Teach them how important it is to be protected from fire and especially in winter season.
  9. Make sure that all members of your family know at least two safe ways out of every room in your home. Also have your local fire emergency numbers handy to contact them in case of any fire hazard.

Everyone knows that it is dangerous to play with fire and the consequences are often irreversible. When it comes to your home safety, it is highly recommended to always consult the professionals. A fully-licensed electrician should regularly inspect all of electrical components inside your house. A skilled plumber should check your home appliances and fixtures for any leaks or damages. Do not take for granted that your furnace or heater works properly – for now. And if you haven’t heard of preventative maintenance before, it is the right time to learn about it. The kids should be responsible members of the family as well, do not neglect their misbehavior when it comes to your home safety. The basic but life-saving checklist discussed above and some help from the pros are wonderful tools in protecting your home from fire fatalities that have taken so many lives and properties in the past.

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